Live web based vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing around the clock visibility and control of your mobile workforce from any internet enabled PC.

Vehicle tracking brings many benefits. With the ever spiralling cost of fuel at the moment, tracking can immediately bring down fuel expenses, and provide many other opportunities to save money. It can also help to cope with the increasing burdens of corporate leglisation.
Savings can be achieved through these benefits:
  • Reduction in operational costs through lower fuel bills, decreased vehicle maintenance charges, lower insurance premiums and reduced communication costs.

  • Improved customer service from being able to notify customers automatically when e.g. vehicles approach their sites and identifying nearest vehicle for new jobs. This improves customer satisfaction and speeds up vehicle turnaround times.

  • Uncovering 'hidden' liabilities such as out of hours vehicle usage, fraudulent overtime claims and bad driver behavior.

  • Legislation Compliance including working time directives, health & safety laws, duty of care obligations and corporate manslaughter. Improved driver safety by enforcing company-mandated speed, stop and mileage policies.

  • Increase your vehicle security from knowing where they are 24/7 and reduce the insurance bill too.

  • Reduce the by eliminating excessive idling and fuel usage, unnecessary vehicle wear and tear and inefficient route planning.