Microsoft Push Email and Web Hosting from Complete PDA LTD

The hosted email service from Complete PDA uses the most popular collaboration system in the world – Microsoft Exchange on all our servers running on a 100Mbs up and down fibre optics broadband service.
The whole system is about much more than just emails. You can co-ordinate calendars, contacts and task managements across a whole work force.
The Microsoft Direct Push Email solution means that you can get real time access to your company inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks, no more dialling up or send/receive manually. Your new emails find you wherever you are on your device at the same time as it hits your inbox at work.
This also means that any email you send from your device also appears in your sent items on your work PC automatically.
Windows Mobile is the operating system that powers many PDA’s allowing you to work with mobile versions of familiar Microsoft software.
A Few Great reasons to have it:
> Get your email wherever you are- as soon as it arrives in your inbox without having to dial up or request it.
> No Capital Investment
> Use your own Domain Name
> Unlimited Users
> Open attachments using mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and Powerpoint. You can view and amend exactly like you do on your desktop
> Keep up to date with your calendar and contacts. “Over the air” synchronisation means you always have the latest view of where you are meant to be
> Global Address list look up provides quick access to your colleague’s numbers and email addresses
> It’s easy to use. Anyone who uses a desktop or laptop will recognise the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Windows
> It’s Flexible. You can customise your settings so that you can either receive mail as soon as it is received or perhaps less often at certain times, useful if you don’t want to be disturbed outside working hours.